Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kids Playground at the NEX Park

This week's weather was just making everybody so frustrated. Apart from having the air-conditioner on every night (and day), we were at the mercy of the Singaporean sun. I think we need one of these Big Ass Fans in every one of our rooms.

Number 1 was pestering me to bring him to Nex ever since we had our lunch at Texas Chicken the other afternoon. Made him ate too much carrots, now no playground can escape his eyes. Mummy packed the "field pack", with their (and mine) favourite sardine + margarine sandwiches. 

Nex playground was like the Ganges River. Kids playing in the water, with full on water containers, super soakers and all the new funny gadgets from Mustafa. I'd prefer to stay at the dry play area, or at the SkyGarden looking at all the pets (and lady pet owners..) walking their dogs by the track.

Highlight of the day: Kids had loads of fun at the kids wet playground, I had loads of sardine sandwiches.

Was "busy" at the SkyGarden and missed out on photos, but I guess you could google for skypark@NEX.

Kids iPad Cover - Clumsy iPad Case (Apple iPad 2, 3 & 4)

Number 2 has started getting interested around the home these days! Total damage in the past two weeks: one glass bowl (great wake up smash!), dropped Macbook Air, and dented iPad. Heart aches all round! Mummy said, "Precious son damaging your precious toys. How's that for daddyhood?"

My colleagues recommended some iPad covers from the travel shop in Ion Orchard, but it didn't appeal to me. It was hard shell, came with backstrap handles and just didn't look appealing on Number 2!

Back to good old Google, I came across Clumsy Case from a company in Australia.

On the web, it looked great! It reminded me of Pacman, looks soft yet sturdy, and came in Number 2's favourite blue. Although the video on the website showed that the Clumsy Case could help the iPad survive hard tosses, I'm not going to verify that! The shipping costs were reasonable, so I made an order.

Until that arrives.. no iPad for Number 2!

Excerpt from the website:

"Clumsy case was designed for kids, as well as for the kid in all of us. It's fun, friendly, protective and functional with a durable soft foam construction thats a cinch to clean. Clumsy stands all on it's own, keeping your iPad in full view, and is super comfortable on your lap. Chunky, rounded sides makes it super easy for little hands to grab onto.

Drops are no problem. Clumsy can bounce and bump all day without your iPad ever feeling a thing! Headphone jack, charging port and camera are all easily accessible. Clumsy even has clever built in sound enhancing bubbles for a vastly improved and more immersive audio experience."

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Gucci Kids Shoes

The luxury bug is biting me again today, and had the scratch the itch with online shopping. Somehow I feel that my Singtel "luxury" Fibre plan is feeding this bad itch of mine...

Was a bit sane today though... instead of shopping for myself, I was looking at some luxury labels for the boys. Just surfing around for luxury brands kids clothes like LV, Prada and Gucci... let's see what they've got!

Gucci Kids Shoes

Gucci Kids Jacket

Brad Pitt style Gucci Kids Jacket

Mummy said "Work harder this year. Make sure your bonus can get one of this for Number 1 and 2."

Me "You got some points left right? Buy yourself a ticket to Shenzhen instead... "